One of website posts was taken down due to alleged copyright issue

One of website posts was taken down due to alleged copyright issue

If you truly believe that the subject matter is yours and you own it, and you believe that the takedown notice was issued in error, you can take the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Review Copyright Claims: Review the copyright claims made on your post in as much detail as possible. Instantly see what particular details are sitting against your rights and who is making any claims.

2. Collect proof: Collect proof that you are the original creator and owner of the content. This can be supported by personal ownership from any document, including drafts, schedule creation, or any of your implementation documents.

3. Submit a counter-notification: Most platforms, like Blogger, provide a mechanism to submit a counter-notification. It establishes trust by allowing you to dispute copyright claims and provides an opportunity to assert rights to your content. Follow the platform specific guidelines while submitting the counter-notification.

4. Provide Explanation: In your counter-notification, explain why you believe the takedown was improperly issued. Clearly state that you are the original creator of the topic and provide any evidence to support your claim.

5. Wait for response: After submitting your counter-notification, the platform usually sends the takedown notice issued against you to the party standing to claim the original claim. At this point, the platform may republish your post or ask you for other information.

6. Seek legal advice: If the issue is more complex or deep, seek the help of a lawyer specializing in copyright law. They can guide you and help you set up your organization if necessary.

7. Monitor Communications: Refer to any communications you receive from the Platform regarding the status of any counter-notifications. If the Platform requires more information or clarification, it may request you.

What is important is to follow the platform steps as accurately as possible and provide as much evidence and explanation as possible to establish your rights. It can be frustrating if your content is given a disproportionate takedown, but these steps can help solve this problem and help protect you as an original creator.

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